Who we are

We are experts in the development of computer vision solutions with a high added value for the industrial and food sectors.

Our technical team has a deep knowledge about the latests technological advances in computer vision and machine learning. It is applied to build our proprietary technology NUAVIS Computer Vision Library - NCVL (c) and NUAVIS DeepLearning Library - NDL (c).

Why choose us

We develop our own computer vision technology, without dependencies from libraries or platforms from other companies.

We interact with the companies needed to design and complete each project, from robotics to boilermakers, providing integral end-solutions.

We guarantee to the client that the project can be done and we avoid time or resource wasting.

What is said about us

The satisfaction of our clients edorses our work and entails our greatest motivation.

Join us

Do you have vocation for the real and direct application of new technologies in environments with the highest demanding requirements? Do you want to join a team whose solutions have direct impact and value, and that is continuously learning and improving?

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