NUAVIS is a technological company focused on the development of high added value solutions for the industrial sector.

NUAVIS has a deep knowledge about the latest technological advances in computer vision and augmented reality, which is compiled in a set of proprietary software libraries. Starting from these libraries, NUAVIS builds solutions that fulfil the requirements of each client.

This working method guaranties a continuous adaption of the NUAVIS offer to the technological evolution, and therefore NUAVIS can provide solutions that are always on top of technical excellence.

NUAVIS is obsessed to come early to industrial sector needs and keep a continuous contact with its clients and partners. This allow us to measure our actual added value in a quantitative way and become us a trusted partner to start any process of improvement or transformation based on innovative analysis and visualization technologies.


NUAVIS is supported by four main pillars:

  • Technical excellence.
  • Innovation DNA.
  • Support to the industrial sector.
  • Be better.


NUAVIS is a company with a multidisciplinary team coming from worldwide recognized applied research entities. The team has more than 10 years of experience developing advanced visualization, computer vision and augmented reality solutions.

It is an ambitious team, committed to provide value and support to the industrial sector; obsessed with the quality of results; and looking continuously for optimal technologies that helps to their consecution.

We are aware that the highest value NUAVIS can provide to their clients is the improvement through technological innovation. Therefore the team work in a dynamic way, looking after the latest advances of state of the art, but also developing proprietary technology that allow NUAVIS to position as a referent of high value solutions for Industry.

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