Deep Learning

Deep Learning is an advanced artificial intelligence approach that allows the development of software systems that learn to perform their tasks in an automatic and evolutive way. Although it is an innovative paradigm, it has been proved that it is very effective solving complex problem in different fields such as computer vision or speech recognition.

NUAVIS is a groundbreaking company in the application of these techniques to the industrial sector. It provides ad-hoc solutions for surface defect detection or supervision and optimization of processes.

All NUAVIS knowledge is compiled in its proprietary software library –NUAVIS Deep Learning Library ©-. It provides to each project a strong development base to build effective solutions and products, as opposed to experimental approaches or research prototypes.

The main advantages of applying NUAVIS Deep Learning knowledge are:

  • Robustness and efficiency, by being fully proprietary software, without third-party dependencies.
  • Solution adapted to specific needs.
  • Integration with the process to optimize and its infrastructure.
  • Connectivity with factory and processes management software
  • Connectivity with Business Analytics modules.

Several clients have already benefited of this approach to fulfill their needs, with solutions which vary from welding process monitoring to automatic verification of references.