Computer Vision

Computer Vision techniques provides a way to get information and understanding of the real environment. One of their greatest potentials, from NUAVIS point of view, is to act as monitoring tool and to give support to processes performed by a worker. The improvement on control and performance of robotic systems and automation are other meaningful advantages.

NUAVIS Computer Vision Library is a set of algorithms that are optimized for their use in both PCs and machine embedded systems. The most advanced techniques in reconstruction and image analysis make its application to solve almost any problem and in any environment possible.

Some of its main features are:

  • Understanding of the process status during the process timecycle by using advanced reconstruction and image analysis techniques
  • Configuration tool to error detection in manual processes.
  • Adaptable output
  • Connectivity with different hardware setups (deep cameras, high precision cameras)
  • Plant integration at different levels (SCADA, MES)

NUAVIS builds solutions adapted to each client using this library. A good example is our Computer Vision-based Process Monitoring System.