Augmented reality

Augmented Reality techniques enrich the real environment with the inclusion of information and virtual elements that improve its understanding and analysis. It is technology with a great potential and, in fact, it is considered one of the Industry 4.0 drivers.

NUAVIS compiles its knowledge in the field into a software library. The different solutions adapted to the client needs are built over this library. It compiles algorithms to give support to a huge variety of issues, from usual tracking of natural markers to real time positioning in an unknown environment using SLAM techniques, including real objects recognition from CAD models or 3D reconstructions.

Main features of the library are:

  • Optimized execution for any kind of devices (PCs, mobile phones, augmented reality glasses…)
  • Robustness in environments with a high demanding requirements (bad lighting, complex environments, dynamic environments)
  • Connectivity with plant and process management software
  • Connectivity with Business Analytics modules
  • Low-latency remote streaming to any device and adaptable to any bandwidth

NUAVIS builds adapted solutions using this software library. A good example is our Synchronous System for Remote Maintenance.