Synchronous System for Remote Maintenance


Maintenance and failure support in special machinery requires the physical presence of an expert. In some cases it implies the trip of an expert from the machinery supplier company or at least, communications with local maintenance companies that are subcontracted in order to select the adequate profile to deal with each issue.

Lot of these problems could be deal with by the own plant maintenance staff if they are guided with the adequate instructions. And they could be provided in a remote way, with the consequent cost savings.

Our solution

Our solution consist on an advanced visualization tool that is focused on giving support to remote maintenance. The software enables a synchronous audiovisual channel between a maintenance worker and an expert by means of:

  • A video stream that guaranties low latency by adapting to the bandwidth. In this stream the experts see what the maintenance worker is seeing.
  • 3D marks and selection of elements over the video stream. Therefore, the maintenance worker can follows the expert instructions.

It is a fully customizable solution and adaptable to any hardware device or setup.