Computer Vision-based Process Monitoring System


The placement of insertion electronic components in electronic boards is a manual and repetitive process. This process is prone to have errors by placing a wrong component in a whole series of boards.

The mistake is propagated during the welding process and it is detected just after the end of the process during a dedicated checking step, using an Automated Optical Inspection system –AOI- or similar. At this stage, it is required a re-welding process or even the discard of part of the board series. Therefore, in the best case, production times have a huge margin of improvement, but also waste of material could happen.

Our solution

Our designed solution is a software product for automatic monitoring and supporting of processes performed by workers in their working place. This monitoring happens in real time. The system uses innovative artificial vision and augmented reality technologies to guide the worker in assembly processes. It monitors their working flow and checks for errors that could happen. The product is fully adaptable to any working place and process.