Our method

What we offer

NUAVIS compiles its knowledge in a set of software libraries. These libraries are the pillars of the solutions that builds and which are adapted to the concrete needs of each client.

NUAVIS offers its knowledge and experience with the deployment of high added value solutions that allow industrial companies to increase their competitiveness by improving their efficiency and cost savings.

Each project is a vertical application of NUAVIS software libraries, which include its huge experience in virtual reality, artificial vision and augmented reality. The vertical is adapted for each process typology.

Depending on the needs of each concrete process, a final instance that maximizes the improvement of the process will be built.


How we work

NUAVIS adapts each solution to the specific needs of the client, providing a real added value to their processes. For each case NUAVIS evaluates the process to be improved and objectively measures the result after the application of innovative virtual reality and computer vision techniques. Only if a meaningful improvement in the process is produced, the adapted solution is deployed in a specific way to this process.


What we deploy

NUAVIS develops solutions that are adapted to the needs of each client, and it is also aware that the result could be integrated in a previously existing ecosystem. NUAVIS has a huge experience integrating its solutions in software systems for plant and production management. It could also provide the required connectivity with elements for machinery control. Each NUAVIS solution are integrated in the adequate layer of the industrial management and control software of the client.  

Moreover, NUAVIS can give advice about the most appropriate hardware to run the solution in each case.